Cool Applications

If you’re doing something with our drag knife that you are proud of, let us know and we’ll post a link to your web site or images of your work.

The guy’s at Make Magazine modified our vacuum table concept to work on the shopbot desktop so they cut leather with our drag knife. Check it out here.

Hero Designs

These guys are working on making cardboard furniture.  Check out their first attempts with the drag knife:

Hayzen Designs

Tony Hayzen informs us that his Donek Drag Knife is far more accurate and faster than the scroll saw he use to use.  When you see his marquetry work, you’ll be amazed.

Donek Snowboards

Donek snowboards originally developed the drag knife for cutting inlay snowboard base graphics.  While most of their base graphics are relatively simple, you’ll find that a huge number of snowboard manufacturers across the globe use this tool to generate both simple and complex images on the base of the skis and snowboards.