About Donek Tools

Donek Tools is a company created by the founder of Donek Snowboards, Sean Martin. It is a result of many years of development and use of specialized CNC router tools.

Donek Tools Founder Sean Martin in front of Shopbot CNC router

Donek Tools Founder Sean Martin in front of the Shopbot CNC router holding one of his creations.

In 2000, Sean began developing a CNC router attachment for die-cutting snowboard base graphics. For about two years he experimented with different concepts and knife designs until he had developed very successful tools that performed his required tasks. One of these early knife holders required an expensive $25.00 blade, but could be used effectively to die-cut snowboard graphics. Over the course of the last decade, Donek Snowboards sold this Drag Knife to other snowboard manufacturers.

In 2012, Sean decided to upgrade the old knife design to one which used a lower-cost utility knife blade in order to reduce the cost of using the Drag Knife on a production basis. In addition, the new design was optimized to work flawlessly in a wider variety of materials to appeal to a wider audience. While researching the utility of a Drag Knife for both commercial users and hobbyists alike, it became apparent that many other CNC operators in various trades wanted such a tool, but that nothing suitable was available on the market. With a fast-growing field of CNC machine users identified, and two new designs with enhanced cutting abilities and lower operating costs in production, Donek Tools was born.

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