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Enhance Your Drag Knife with our free CNC router Software Tools

The Donek Drag Knife is extremely versatile.  This is where you can download free CNC router software or gadgets that make programming for your Drag Knife a lot simpler.

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SheetCAM Software Information

Program your Drag Knife toolpaths with ease.

  • Uses drag knife offset compensation to enable greater detail and precision in your cut part
  • Add corner actions to any tool path
  • Update your start points without having to regenerate your tool path
  • Visualize your tool path in 3 dimensions
Profile Cutting (Routing and Milling)

  • Inside, outside or on the vector
  • Multi pass cutting
  • Ramp cutting.
  • Finishing allowances for roughing tools
  • Selectable leadin and leadout
  • Climb or normal cut direction
Pocketing (Routing and Milling)

  • Automatic island detection
  • Multi pass cutting
  • Adjustable stepover
Drilling (Routing and Milling)

  • Drill from circles or points in a DXF file
  • Peck drilling with controllable retract amount
V-Carving (Routing and Milling)

  • Create 3D relief carving effects with V shaped bits
View your tool path in 3 dimensions

Add Corner Actions to your Tool Path


G-Code Swivel Program (if you don't own a ShopBot, this is the one you want)
ShopBot Code Swivel Program

Post Processors that have been developed for this program can be found below.
For Vectric Software
For ArtCAM Software

In most cases a very basic G-Code Post Processor will work.  Your CAM software most likely has a post processor titled "G-Code".  If you do, try it.  Make sure you choose the one that is not an arcs processor.

This code will automatically locate the corners in your part file and add swivel actions to those corners.

Cardboard Box Software

Our software can be downloaded for free.  It can be used to make a cardboard box with 4 flaps top and bottom, just like the ones used for most shipping purposes.  The software is available in g-code and shopbot code versions.  Click here for the free download.

Make a Cardboard Box with the Donek Tools Drag Knife.

Make a cardboard box with ease using a Donek Drag Knife.   With this free software, all you need to know are the dimensions of the cardboard box you want to make.  Enter the dimensions in the software and it will create the file to cut the box you need.  You can cut the same box over and over or create new cardboard box files for any item you sell.

D2 or D4 Drag Knife

Our D2 or D4 Drag Knife is the right choice if you want to make a cardboard box.  They can cut materials up to 1/4in thick and use a standard utility knife blade, minimizing the cost of blades.  Make a cardboard box, cut leather, cut gasket material, cut pre-preg carbon fiber laminates, and more.  If you can cut it with a utility knife, you can cut it faster and more accurately with a Donek Tools Drag Knife.


Autodesk Fusion360 DragKnife Addon

Created by Peter Böker Behälter u. Apparatebau, Modellbau


Post the created contours with your default post processor. Afterwards, open the file with DragKnife to convert it into a specialized g-code for drag knives. After inspecting the outputted g-code, you are ready to use a drag knife on your CNC. For inspection, we recommend NC Viewer which can be also downloaded here in the app store.

Supported post processors:

  • Biemmepi
  • CNC Router Parts
  • Eding CNC
  • FlexiCAM
  • Grbl
  • Intelitek
  • LinuxCNC (EMC2)
  • Mach3Mill
  • MultiCam ISO
  • Opticut
  • Thermwood 3-Axis
  • Tormach PathPilot
  • WinCNC

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